Kussenkovv Fashion House

KUSSENKOVV is a world famous Russian fur brand created by Sergey and Victoria Kusenkov in 1986. KUSSENKOVV is a leader in the production of premium fur products. The only ones in the world who sew products from black glama and Barguzin sable.

The promotion complex included several stages:

- the main task is to create a desktop and a separate mobile version of the site. In the previous
design used flash animation, this did not allow the site to be displayed on
most mobile devices. The design follows the style of fashionable European
- selection of candidates to represent the brand. Anastasia was chosen as Ambassador
Volochkova, signed a 2-year contract.
- organizing and conducting offline events to bring the brand to Asian markets.
Writing press and post releases
- brand promotion on social networks: Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook.

There was also an emphasis on SEO-promotion of the new site.

Cost: 3 500 EUR