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Unique offer - free audit of your site
How we are working?
We are confident that it is impossible to predict the development of a company without analytics. Therefore, before starting a project, we delve into your field of activity and carefully study it from different angles:
  • Pros and cons of competitors
  • Similar activities
  • Target audience, its behavior and values
  • Market trends and features
  • Your wants and needs
Website with a lifetime guarantee
The most important thing in our work is satisfied customers.
To make you confident in the quality of our sites, we have made a lifetime warranty for the technical work of your site. No matter how much time has passed since the project was delivered and no matter what the reason for the failure, we will fix any technical error absolutely free.
We will conduct a free audit of your site
  • Detachment
    from competitors
    create at least 3 USP
  • Top 10 Promotion
    Which Must Be Used In Your Business To Ensure An Inflow Of Customers.
  • Website
    usability guidelines
    to make the website intuitive and attractive to your target audience.
  • A step-by-step
    for the further development of the company.
  • Website technical support
  • Filling content
  • Consultation
    • Technical optimization of the site
    • Setting up and finalizing the site / new functions
    • Programming
    • Installing updates / new versions of CMS
    • Troubleshooting / bug fixes
    • Website health check
    • Filling product cards with information up to 15 units / year
    • Placement of up-to-date information on the website up to 15 units / year
    • Creation and placement of banners up to 10 units / year
    • Writing, correction and placement of announcements, news and promotions up to 20 units / year
    * The service is valid for 1 year from the date of website development
    • Site Recommendations
    • Training for additional site functions
    • Consulting on all work issues
    * The service is valid for 1 year from the date of website development